The Art & Craft of the Concert Piano Technician
by Stephen H. Brady, RPT


"For tuners just starting their vocation this will help to prepare for that 'first' demanding situation and also will benefit those who have been tuning for years. The book contains so much information of relevance and interest that I wish it had been written many years ago. It is also a very good and entertaining read: I didn't want to put it down." --Rick Ohlendorf, from a review in the December, 2008 PTA Newsletter (UK).
"This comprehensive view into the world of professional concert service surpasses anything published to date... He elevates all aspects of concert work to the level of artistry, thereby inspiring technicians to approach their work with newfound appreciation and vigor. For this reason, Under the Lid deserves a place on every piano technician's bookshelf." --Steve Carver and Emily Townsend, from a review in the February, 2008 Piano Technicians Journal.
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